When do I have to change my filter? - We recommend changing the filter at regular intervals. Especially when wearing it intensively (more than 1 hour per day at a stretch), it should be changed daily, as the air you breathe can moisten the filter. A change is necessary at the latest one week after use.

What do I have to consider when inserting a replacement filter? - Please ensure that you do not puncture the replacement filter when changing it (e.g. with sharp fingernails). You should also avoid coarse folding, as this can impair wearing comfort afterwards. Please position the replacement filter so that it is in the middle of the mask and covers the mouth area.

Can the replacement filter be inserted incorrectly? - No, the replacement filter can be inserted in both directions.

What makes this membrane mask unique? - The mask has a real filter membrane as its core, which is otherwise only used in water filters for the filtration of bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the patented Novamem DrinkPure ™ technology, we have optimised this membrane for use as an air filter and tested it by an accredited laboratory (>95% particle retention, CH test laboratory, test report 2020L17481).

How should I dispose of used replacement filters? - You can easily dispose of the replacement filters in normal household waste.

Can I wash the mask? - Yes, according to our tests our cotton mask can be washed up to 10 times at 60°C. Please remove the internal filter before washing.

Can I wash and reuse the replacement filters separately? - No, the replacement filters are intended for single use and should not be reused for hygienic reasons.

Can I exercise with this mask in a cramped gym? - Basically yes. Please note that increased physical activity will increase your breathing rate. If you feel an oppressive feeling of not having enough air, we recommend reducing the exercise intensity or even pausing.

Has the membrane mask been tested? - Yes. The membrane mask was tested and approved as a community mask by an independent Swiss laboratory (>95% particle retention, CH test laboratory, test report 2020L17481).