Cooperation Novamem power plant

Actually, the development of the membrane mask is told very quickly. When the COVID19 crisis reached its current peak at the end of March, power plant owner Alexander Pieper and Novamem founders Christoph Kellenberger and Michael Loepfe met. The goal - to find out how the two companies can combine their strengths and find a solution to the mask problem.

The starting position is excellent. As an internationally active Swiss company in the field of professional tools and workshop equipment, Kraftwerk has a well-developed distribution network that can deliver the solution to the customer quickly and easily. Novamem, an ETH SpinOff, as a membrane and filter manufacturer, has its own technology available, which allows a solution to be produced quickly and easily in Switzerland. After a 30-minute meeting with a safety distance of 2 meters, the schedule was clear:

  1. To develop an air filter membrane that exceeds the requirements of the Swiss COVID19 Task Force
  2. To install these in a washable cotton mask as a replacement element
  3. Check the task force requirements for the membrane mask at an accredited Swiss test laboratory
  4. And to start selling to the Swiss population via webshop

Only three months later, all these points could be mastered together. The result - a membrane mask made of high quality cotton with a particle retention of over 95%, which was verified by an independent Swiss testing institute (test report 2020L17481) - and that in three color variations.

In between are some iterations, discussions and manufacturing options. But thanks to the proximity between the power plant and Novamem, we are proud to be an example of good cooperation. But now it's your turn first! The mask obligation in the Swiss public transport system will apply from next Monday, 6 June.

Have you ordered your masks yet? Stay healthy!

Your power station and Novamem team